Server Rate

  • Exp: 35%
  • Drop: 35%
  • Rare: 100%
  • Unique: 100%
  • Refining: 100%
  • Enchantment: 30%
  • Safe Enhancement: +12
  • Safe Reinforcement: +9

Starting Items

  • 4 Pcs Bezemut's Eyes
  • 25 Pcs complete set of minor scrolls
  • 25 pcs Sacred Heart's Blessing (minor)
  • 25 pcs Enlightened Speed Scroll
  • Flaming Soul Armor
  • Spectacles of Golden Castle +45 AllStat
  • Earings of Golden Castle +10 AllStat
  • 10 Pcs Radiant Enhancement Stone
  • Golder Monkey
  • x1000 Pet Food
  • 25 Pcs Blessing Seal
  • 25 Pcs Growth Seal

Drops in Upper Level:

  • Grade E Abrandant
  • Grade E Reinforcement Stone
  • Job Change Stones
  • Improved Option Stone
  • 2 BILLION Pouch

Stairway of Restraint:

  • SES
  • 20% and 30% Scrolls

Latest News Update!

Neons of Rohan!

We are happy to announce that the maintenance is now over and the New Neo Rohan client is live. We have updated our server from the maximum level 99 to the maximum level off 110, added fused pets and new items in our Item Mall!

For more updates, you can visit our official Facebook fanpage

Happy Extreme gaming Neons of Rohan!

Neons of Rohan!

This Christmas, we are happy to announce that we will be having a Doubled Up NPS starting today until Dec 24,2013!

Example: 100php = 2,000 NPS!
1USD = 800 NPS!

A Happy Merry Joyful Christmas to you all!

Christmas Cover Photo Contest!

Create a COVER photo for our Facebook page for this coming Christmas Season. The Picture must be a fit enough to be a Cover PHOTO.

1 Entry per person only.

The Cover Photo must contain the following words:

  • 1. Neo/Neons
  • 2. Christmas
  • 3. Vengeance
  • 4. Smile

NOTE: ( Very important) The picture must be your original work and the main subject is not copied from GOOGLE.

Submit to [CM]Luna's FB your Photo entry. ( Message it, dont post it)

Last submission of entry is on Saturday, November 30, 11:59pm.

Criteria For Judging

  • Creativity
  • Appeal (50% will come from the GM's and 50% will come from the mass via comments)
  • Originality


1st Prize :
4 pcs +11 Insurgent Accessory of choice

2nd Prize :
2 pcs +11 Insurgent Accessory of choice

3rd Prize :
1 pc +11 Insurgent Accessory of choice

A Happy Merry Joyful Christmas to you all!


Donating is not prerequisite! Again, we are not forcing you to donate since this is a free to play MMORPG. The donations are for the Server's Financial requirements and in return of your kind donations we will be giving you NeoPoints (NPS) to avail products in our Item Mall.